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Photos are up!

June 7, 2010

There are some photos up on my flickr account from our trip out to a village in Africa.

Check them out here.

The village is small, and all the people there are suffering from extreme poverty. They used to farm the land they lived on, but the corporations that bought the land in the area sold all of the topsoil to construction companies, leaving them with no workable land to grow their food on. The children there have very little education, since missionaries that were previously in the area had to change 10 cedi (1.4 US dollars = 1 Cedi) to go to school for a month, and no one could afford to have their children attend. The other alternative is to have the children walk all the way into Accra, which can take over two hours and is extremely dangerous.

The father of Kwami, our guide in Accra, is starting up a new mission to help this village and others in the area, and has been working at helping to educate the children and bring more modern facilities to the village to improve life there. I have never met a nicer, kinder group of people, nor more well behaved and loving children than I did in that village. It broke all of our hearts when one boy, as we were leaving, clang tightly to one of the girls in our group’s hand and pleaded with her to take him to America with her and buy him a bicycle. Its good to see, though, that these people are getting help from the missionaries and finding ways to get by and live better lives.