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Improvements on Direction

January 21, 2010

In thinking about what I want this blog to be about, I’m finding it difficult to narrow my ideas down to one specific area or subject, but then, that is pretty much the story of my life (or at least my academic career). I’m the kid who started out wanting to be a marine biologist, then changed her mind and wanted to study journalism, switched schools and majors and would up in molecular biology/pre-med, then got bored with that and switched to English, then went back to journalism for another go. And somewhere in there I would up teaching fine art as well. I like to think this means I have a well-rounded education and a healthy interest in just about everything. However, others have equated my interest shifts to academic ADD. Either way, it makes it difficult to settle on one specific thing to write about, so I think I’m going to start really big, and hopefully explain how I’ll narrow my big idea down a bit.

I’m going to be looking at, and writing about, the media. (I told you I was going big). My posts may take the form of news reporting, media criticism/interpretation, discussions of media effects, or ideas or inspiration I draw from the media or from analyses of the media. Of course, by the media, I don’t just mean news sources (although they will be included). I’ll be looking at blogs, online mainstream media sites, art, books, and music. All of these things are “media” and I personally think all of them can have “effects” on society as a whole.

This broad interest in media is mostly coming from a series of paintings I saw a while back by Matt Held. Matt turned people’s facebook profile photos into painted portraits, and his paintings got me thinking about the interconnectivity of the media. We’re at a point where social media (a relatively new phenomenon in the media realm) is being integrated into art (possibly the oldest form of media, if you take the term loosely), and all of this got me thinking about media as a whole, the media’s effects on our lives (and vice versa), the media’s effects on other media. It all seems to be interconnected.

So this blog will be a place for snippets of my ideas on the media, as well as snippets fo media examples that I find interesting, inspiring, and worth looking at a little closer to hash out the meaning behind them and the influence they may have. I’m currently in the development process for a series of paintings that look at how media (all the media) influence individuals and society, so I hope that, by posting my ideas and leaving them up for discussion, I can get feedback, get inspired, and make this happen.