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TuneinTurnoff: Africa

May 30, 2010

After a long hiatus, due mostly to substantial burn out from spring semester and a sleepless finals week that resulted in some fine final papers, I have decided to return to my blog site and start posting again.

These new posts may not meet the standards of the original mission statement I used when setting up this page for the blogging class I took last semester. I’ll probably still be posting about art, technology, culture, etc, but for the time being will be incorporating a bit of personal experience journal-type writing into the posts. Why? Because I’m going to Africa for the next three weeks, and while I will be blogging on a class site for the trip, I want my own account of the trip that I can look back on when it’s over without having to filter out posts I wrote as part of the class assignments. At the same time, though, there’s a lot to be learned about African culture, art, society, technology, etc. while on this trip, and I’ll be reporting on that here as well as on the class site (which you can find a link to on my facebook page).

So, to kick things off, since I’m taking off for this trip tomorrow: a quick run-down of what I’ll be doing and where I’ll be going!

The group is leaving tomorrow at 6pm from Pittsburgh, flying to Paris, catching a connection to Amsterdam, then the final leg of the flight to Accra, Ghana, landing at about 6pm on Tuesday. I’m not all that thrilled about being on a plane for 16-18 hours, but I guess a cruise to our destination was a bit out of the question, so I’ll cope I suppose. Once in Accra, we’ll be spending a few days touring the city, bumming around at the beach, and doing some shopping while getting acclimated to the time shift before we kick off the class-aspect of the trip, and start touring newspapers and TV stations to get a better understanding of how the Media operates in this region. We will also be taking side trips to tour a nearby rainforest, a couple of old castles, and near the end of our trip, will be driving to Benin to tour another newspaper, and to check out the market in Lome, Togo and do a bit more shopping.

I’ll be posting pictures from the trip, taken on my old, trusty Nikon D-40, on to my flickr account as often as I can. We should have open internet access at our hotel, but not really sure how that will work out when we get there. If not, it will be intermittent trips to internet cafes, but I’ll still try to sneak a few in every chance I have. The group will also be tweeting this event, which you can follow on the hash-tag #SOJWA, short for School of Journalism West Africa.