Things to see when in Seattle for Pax

February 9, 2010

Being from Seattle, and being a bit of a geek, I have a deep love for the Penny Arcade convention, and have decided to provide for you a map of all the cool things to do in the area when in attendance at PAX.

Seattle has a ton of awesome things to do. Part of why I love the city so much is because there is always something awesome to do, something cool going on, at all hours of the day (or night). From the convention center, where PAX takes place, its only a few short blocks to some of the best Seattle has to offer. A short walk west down Pike Pl. takes you right up to Puget Sound, and down into the famous Pikes Place Market. The Market has a good deal of tourist attractions, like the dudes that throw fish and the numerous flower vendors, but the real gems of the area are a little harder to find. There is an excellent comic books store deep in the lower levels of Pikes, that will keep you up on whatever manga, comics, etc you are reading. There’s also a magic shop (like magicians, not magic the gathering) and an excellent music store buried down there, so explore and check out all the little offshoot hallways.

Once on the street level at Pikes Market, you can also venture up into Post Alley. If your the kind of geek that has a good paying job, and if you didn’t blow all your money on classic comic books down at the comic store, you can find one of the best restaurants in Seattle there. The Pink Door is famous for it’s delicious food, but also has an amazing atmosphere. If you hold off on going here until Sunday, you can catch a trapeze show done right over your table while you dine. Be advised though, if you go looking for this place, pay close attention. There are no signs to let you know you’re there, it’s tucked away in the alley, and only marked by the pink door in the grey brick walls that make up the walls of the alley.

If you haven’t got enough of the gaming world during the hours PAX is open, you can head over to GameWorks, which is only one block west and one block north of the convention center. GameWorks, a multi-level arcade, is open late on the weekends, and after 10pm, becomes a 21+ only bar, with open access to the arcade. So if you don’t feel comfortable sneaking your flask into the con, you can still get your drunken guitar heroing on after hours. Gameworks is also located near the major shopping area in Seattle, Pacific Place, where you can take care of some fine, city-style shopping and dining before you head home.

Also, if you head south from Pike Place Market, you can hit the Seattle Art Museum. You may have to skip some of PAX so stop by, or schedule an extra bit of time before or after the convention, but there’s always something interesting on display. Walking through downtown Seattle, you’ll pass by tons of galleries, and you should pop in and check out what there is on display, but the SAM is a great place to see some world class art that you can’t usually find anywhere else.

So there it is, a guide to my home town, for those fellow geeks that may be headed out there this summer to check out the most awesome gaming convention ever (no, comic con. is not a gaming convention – so it doesn’t count). Or, hey, skip PAX and just go to Seattle – it’s an awesome city, with loads of innovative and interesting stuff  – from high tech to high art – to check out.


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  1. This looks awesome. I plan on doing PAX West next year. I will definitely be bookmarking this for future reference.

    We should be friends.

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