Blog-A-Day Week – Final Thoughts

February 8, 2010

Our class assignment this week has been to create a substantial post for our individual blogs on a daily basis, starting February 1st and continuing for a week. (The dates on my blog are slightly off, as the clock was set five hours ahead of eastern standard time, so most of the posts are one day off).

Initially, I thought this would be a difficult, time consuming task. I envisioned deep research, hours spend searching the web for just the right thing to write about, and then for more information about my topic to add to my post. But this was not the case at all. Starting from day 1, my posts developed quite quickly. I would find an article that seemed interesting on a different blog, think about the deeper meaning of that topic, then start writing. If I found that I needed more information, a quick google search for key words related to my subject was all that was necessary to round out my information.

I think this assignment has changed my outlook on exactly how big the Internet really is. For the past few years, I’ve used the Internet mainly to check my e-mail, facebook, and myspace (yup, still using myspace… I’m a loser) and occasionally do that ‘other stuff’ (signing up for classes, google-searching for information for school, and shopping, mostly). This behavior on my part developed a sense that the internet was shrinking – that less and less information was available as people were filtering into the major social media sites, and that the bulk of what was left after social media was reserved for commercial or academic purposes. Now I’m realizing this is simply not so. It is easy to fall into a routine where you use the Internet for only a few specific tasks, and simply stop thinking about everything else that is out there, but that doesn’t mean that is has disappeared, or that it is not being used by a large number of people. The ease with which I found fodder for my blog posts is a testament to this fact, and I came away from this assignment feeling like everyone, at some point, should attempt something like this, if only to better understand this tool that has become a part of our daily lives.


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