Thoughts on Future Projects

February 5, 2010

With all of the little bits of art and ideas that I’ve been coming across, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on my own ideas, the project I’ve been developing and thinking about, and what other things I might incorporate into it. The project I’m working on, as I envision it, is a series of paintings that create some sort of commentary on the influence of technology on out lives. Influence may be the wrong word, perhaps invade? I want to take the everyday uses of technology to a surreal level. I want, perhaps, do question the reality we seem to take for granted.

With the newer art forms, like what Lynette Wallworth is doing with the integration of technology into art, have made me question the reason behind the use of paintings. They are an excellent way of creating through imagery an ‘reality’ that is not possible in our reality, but there are so many other ways of displaying an idea through art. There is, of course, the current limit of funding on my part. Clearly I can’t afford the elaborate technology set up to create touch sensitive, interactive art displayed on a screen, but I’m realizing that the medium is something that needs to be considered in the piece, more than which sort of paint or drawing material would best suit the image (although that is something to be considered).

Beyond that, I’ve been struggling to decide what the “reality” in my images would look like, and how to achieve the surreal aesthetic in my work. I’ve always been a fan of Salvador Dali’s work – it’s actually what got me started painting, and my first ‘good’ painting in college was a reproduction of Dali’s “necrophiliac spring flowering from a piano”

– but there are other areas of surrealism to investigate and incorporate, especially the art of HR Giger. In terms of reality, I want to integrate some aspects of the reality we see through technology – the Internet, Video Games, digital art – into the potential pieces I have in mind, and suggest some sort of confusion of reality by transposing what we see as real in our reality and what we consider real because it exists in the technology we use.

The morality of the use of our technology, especially in gaming, is something else I want to question. How do we justify the violence in video games, or even in the way we treat people in chat rooms or comment threads? How is it that we create these virtual realities for ourselves then write them off as un-real because they are based in technology? What will happen if the two are somehow confused? These are all questions I want to explore, and do so, somehow, in a visual manner.


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