January 25, 2010

New sites have been added to the blogroll. These will be the blogs I turn to most frequently for news, info, inspiration, ideas – most of the material for this blog, and this post will be an explanation of what these blogs are, and how I’ll use them.

ArtsBeat is the  Culture and Arts blog for the New York Times. The blog covers art, film, theater, books, and music from around the world (mostly the “western” world). This will work as a source for what is new in the arts and the media and what might be connected to other media.

Big Picture is a blog that features exemplary news photographs from major news events and other, smaller stories. The photos are fantastic, and may work as a way to compare photos that show up in online spaces (blogs) to photos that are circulated in the mainstream (TV, newspapers, newspaper’s blogs, etc).

KEXP Blog is the blog for the Seattle community radio station, KEXP. Being from Seattle (temporarily relocated, but a Seattleite at heart) I’m addicted to the station. The blog provides non-genre specific updates in music, and also features a list of links to other music blogs to get additional info from. KEXP is also known for connecting community, arts and music, so their blog, and the site itself, is a good starting point for observing how a media outlet is connecting other forms of media.

News Busters is an anti-liberal media (one might say conservative) blog that features posts that are designed to expose liberal media bias. This site works as one side of an argument, for me, in that it represents how one group can interpret media stories. For the opposing side of the argument, see Think Progress.

Soshable is a blog that covers news in social media. This site will help me keep track of the advances being made in online communication (aka social media) and better understand how social media sites are being used.

TechCrunch covers news in the technology world. Much in the same way that it is important for me to use sites like Soshable to keep track of what’s new it social media, it’s important for me to track advances in technology to keep track of the newest gadgets people will be using to communicate, and what is going on in the technology biz that will effect the production of these new gadgets.

Technorati is a broad spectrum news blog that covers blogging, entertainment, business, sports, politics, etc. I’ll mostly be checking up on their blogging posts, but it will be a good example of news and media as seen through the scope of a mainstream blog, as opposed to the other mainstream media.

Huffington Post covers breaking news and editorials in a blog form. Much like Technorati, I’ll use this blog to compare with the mainstream media (TV, news sites, etc), and will also use it to compare to the Liberal and Conservative news blogs to get an idea of how news and opinion vary based on who is writing and where they’re posting.

The Artblog is a smaller blog that covers art in the Philadelphia and New York areas, occasionally venturing into international art. I’ll use this blog to compare to the New York Times arts and culture blog, to get a sense of the differences in presentation and focus between a mainstream media source, and a smaller, personal blog source.

Think Progress is a liberal news blog. It will work as the counter to the conservative news blog, News Busters. I’m hoping, at some point, that both will cover the same story from opposing points of view. That will be fun to analyze.

TMZ is simply the best source for pop-culture, online, tabloid style “news”. I’ll be turning to this site occasionally to gain a little perspective on the media, gain a better understanding of less “serious” forms of media (breaking news, fine art, classical music, etc) and to track when stories on TMZ turn up on other sites, to get an understanding of how news passes through the hierarchy of the media system.


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