The next in a long series of blogging endeavors.

January 13, 2010

Welcome to my new blog. Unlike all of my others, this one stands a chance at being read (I hope).

My name is Rachel. I am a  graduate student at West Virginia University, and am currently researching blogging, blog journalism, citizen journalism, and a bit of social media. This blog is in part a project for a Blogging and Interactive Media course I’m taking at WVU this semester. The goal here is to get a firmer grasp of blogging and social media by immersing oneself in it and figuring out what works, what challenges arise, and ultimately how it can be used as a new form of journalism. In addition to that, I’m hoping to gain (from the blog, and from the class) a knowledge of how to develop my own blog into something that an audience will want to read. I’m anticipating a whole lot of trial and even more error.

The other part of this blog is an exploration into what I’m thinking, in terms of blog research, as well as art, music, photography, and other projects I may come across. In addition to being a student, I fancy myself an artist, musician, photographer, and writer (all amateur, or course) and hope to explore different sources of inspiration I come across, and use this space as a record of the thoughts I have so I can revisit them and gain feedback on them.

The most essential part to the success of this blog, I think, is the feedback I receive from readers, so I encourage anyone who comes across this to comment, comment, comment!


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